Brands that Eyenk offers

Brands that Eyenk offers

To make ourselves a more inclusive, all-in-one solutions company for eye care needs, we provide our customers with the most reliable brands. These brands take care of all eye care needs our clients may have. We are Qatar's number 1 online store for a reason. You can choose from any of the brands below and we assure 48-hour delivery on the same, excluding special powers for those suffering from Astigmatism. 

List of brands that Eyenk provides

  • Acuvue and Acuvue Define

Acuvue offers a solution to Astigmatism, along with its wide range of contact lenses of different colors such as greyzel, blue, honey, fresh hazel, fresh green, and fresh rose. Multifocal lenses and lenses for Presbyopia also exist among these options. This brand offers UV protection and focuses on enhancing the color of the iris for the best user experience. 

  • Alcon 

Alcon’s focus is on providing eye care solutions that are driven by moisture and hydration of the eyes, while also providing solutions for Presbyopia and Astigmatism. Blink-activated moisture is a special feature of some of the products. For multifocal and astigmatism lenses, the company provides contact lenses under Dailies and Precision.

  • Bausch and Lomb

Moisture seal technology is one specialty of the products that Bausch and Lomb sell for Presbyopia, Astigmatism, and vision correction. If you're looking for daily disposable lenses, this is the one you should go for. 

  • Biofinity 

Aquaform technology that Biofinity provides with its products like Biofinity Toric, XR, and XR Toric. They also provide premium comfort with natural wettability for healthy and fresh eyes. They sell monthly lenses that you can wear for 30 days consecutively. 

  • Coopervision 

Coopervision specializes in consistent vision, shape, stability, and clarity. If you suffer from dry eyes, choose their Avaira Vitality Toric contact lenses for higher water content. The 55% water content of these lenses makes for the perfect solution for dry eyes. This means less irritation too. UV protection is an extra benefit. 

  • Dailies

Dailies specialize in only one-day contact lenses. These disposable contact lenses are the perfect thing for you if you’re looking to choose lenses that you can wear only on certain occasions. Ideal for dealing with Presbyopia, the multifocal lenses provided by them is perfect for your temporary contact lens needs.

  • Amara

Amara is where contact lenses get interesting for those who love style with necessity. One day, celebrity and monthly range of colors in contact lenses are available with Eyenk. The colors provided by Amara are creme brulee, ice blue, sandy, gravity, cappuccino, amber, sugar, moonstone, dream, kelly, brunette, classic grey, espresso, earthy, cocoa, desert rose, hazelwood, steel grey, royal blue, charcoal grey, and more. The list is endless and you can't possibly refuse to add anything to the cart while going through the beautiful colors Amara has to offer.

  • Air Optix Colors and Air Optix

To treat Presbyopia through multifocal lenses, Air Optix Colors and Air Optix provide you with a range of options that provide you with comfort and smooth lens service. Smooth lens service is another wonderful feature of the products that they offer. For no irritation or dry eyes, you can select from their wide range of products. Our local online stores ensure retail of the same.

  • Bella

An alternative to Amara would be Bella, with an even wider range of contact lenses for all types of occasions. They cater to those who are looking to add a little glam to their eye care needs. With over 60 colors of lenses to choose from, Bella has it all for you. Their elite, glow, diamond, contour, and natural range are absolutely flawless. You can't just add one to the cart.

  • Celena

Celena has stylish lenses that will optimize your look. Offering the same services as Amara and Bella, Celena has also entered the world of stylish and colorful contact lenses, with such a selection that will just complete your look. 

  • FreshLook

FreshLook is here to offer you the most unique colors you can think of. Their natural blend of colors and the style or type of their lenses provide you the most organic look. You can select disposable lenses or choose from their other types and end up looking fantastic for any occasion while taking care of your eye care needs perfectly.

  • Loroyal

Think of crystal and shimmery eyes with different colors. Sounds glamorous, doesn't it? Loroyal offers you a chance to try their crystal range of lenses that turn your eyes into beautiful galaxies of their own. You might not want to miss their limited collection of this range. We'll tell you one thing, it'll definitely be hard for you to choose.

  • MyLense

What if we told you that the most natural eye colors you can think of come with a little twist? These bold, elegant, and audacious colors by MyLense will make you want to wear contact lenses everywhere. Although costlier than the alternatives mentioned above, you may choose to try one from their limited collection.

In case you want to experience these colors live, you can visit our store at Tawar Mall in Qatar. 

At Eyenk, you will receive services for any requirement you have. From style to medical needs for contact lenses, we ensure the best experience for our customers, both online and offline. Visit one of our stores now or check out our website to take the first step of the beginning of your revolutionary eye care journey!

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