Why are contact lenses the perfect solution to your eye care problems?

Why are contact lenses the perfect solution to your eye care problems?

There’s quite a range of solutions that contact lenses can provide for your eye care problems. These vision correction tools will provide you with comfort, style, and safety. I came across the guide that will take you through what contact lenses are, what problems it solves, and some pros and cons compared to other eye care solutions. The name is Eynek, Qatar’s number 1 online contact lenses store. You can visit them at Tawar Mall for all your eye care needs!

What are contact lenses and what do they do?

You may have heard of contact lenses. They're the most famous type of corrective eye care solutions in the modern contemporary world. The ability to change eye colors became trendy through these corrective tools. I’ll explain what they are and what they do! Let’s see: 

Contact lenses are vision-correcting tools, that provide other eye care solutions. 

These are suitable for people who face certain discomfort with glasses/spectacles or require a more convenient and portable vision correction device. 

These are popular for a reason. Contact lenses can be hard and soft, come in various colors, and serve different purposes, depending on the brand and customer requirements. 

Contact lenses can be one-time use or for an extended duration. In the long run, you may also find contact lenses to be more affordable than other solutions based on the convenience they offer. 

Contact lenses are the most suitable for those looking for activewear, offer clearer vision, and leave a ton of room for creativity allowing you to change your eye color, comfort, and portability. 

Lenses are well-suited for most people, as they offer a feeling of looking through your own eyes without much consideration or care. They aren’t affected by weather too which adds to the convenience. 

Pros and Cons of contact lenses 

Contact lenses aren’t perfect, just like any other eye care solution, but are more convenient than other corrective solutions. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of contact lenses-


  1. They are easy to carry, with lesser chances of damage.
  2. They give an unobstructed and natural view, ie., the feeling you derive from looking through your own eyes.
  3. They give you an option to experiment with looks and not just styling. 
  4. They aren’t affected by the weather and are perfect for those with an active lifestyle. 
  5. They keep your eyes hydrated and moisturized. 


  1. They need quite a bit of care. Since this tool is going to be directly in contact with your eye, its hygiene and maintenance are of primary importance. 
  2. Your vision may get blurry when the lenses rotate or get displaced. That can cause some issues, although resolvable with practice. It can take some time to get used to wearing contact lenses.
  3. You will need to consult an eye care expert or your optician before or during the use of contact lenses.
  4. Choosing the right kind of contact lens can be a bit of trouble. It is recommended that you go for reliable, recommended, and reputed services. 
  5. Contact lenses are not strongly recommended to wear during the time you spend on the screen. This is because they don’t provide better protection in comparison with glasses. 

Although the pros and cons may create some confusion, it is relevant for every human creature as we have different needs. Some of us may value style over function, while some of us may value function over care. For any type of customer, eye care solutions can be easily incorporated into contact lenses. You can go through Eyenk’s local online store to see the range of contact lenses and solutions that it provides.

The best part is that Eyenk provides multifocal contact lenses for those with specific medical eye care needs. You can get up to 45% off at the store and also reap the benefits of our 24-hour and 48-hour delivery. This delivery system holds for all orders except the ones booked for Astigmatism, as these are special contact lenses for specific medical purposes that require their own time. 

What contact lenses offer that other eye care solutions won’t

There are multiple solutions to eye care problems. Glasses, LASIK surgery, and temporary correction are some of these. You can choose to solve your eye care problems with any of these, but here’s what contact lenses will do for you, that these services won’t:

You will never face a problem with weather conditions. Contact lenses give you the view that your own eyes would, only with perfect vision.

Never again will you have to worry about the time it takes to get a new pair of glasses made, in case yours breaks. Contact lenses are quicker and more durable solutions. 

Always be in style, as your contact lenses will never go against whatever you decide to wear. 

Eyenk  has brands like Amara, Diva, Bella, Acuvue, and Air Optix for you. These will cover all your eye care needs from style to function, and more! There’s a range of medical contact lenses that can provide solutions for Astigmatism or Presbyopia. 

Best service providers in Qatar who focus on fulfilling your eye care requirements. You can go through their website to select from a range of colored, disposable/one-time use, multifocal, monthly, and other types of lenses that will serve your purpose on a daily or monthly basis. They offer returns, discounts, and offers that will optimize your eye care experience at our outlet, both online and offline.

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