Amara Color Lenses

Amara Color Lenses

 Amara contact lenses

Amara contact lenses is the brand of colored contact lenses, with awesome shades offering a sophisticated look to your eyes with a perfectly natural look. These trendy lenses are becoming popular in many areas of the world, especially in Europe. These lenses enhance the shades of your eye color, or you can opt for an entirely new shade for your eye with Amara's range of trendy and natural colors. Some of the best shades are Brown Gold, Burnt Cinnamon, Dark Sepia, Hazel Wood, and the stunning Mocca. These are the bestselling range of shades.

Advantages of Amara Contact lenses:
Although different brands offer contact lenses the one offered by Amara have unique specialties, the advantages of Amara Contact lenses are:

  • These are pretty easy to wear, and wearing lenses doesn't make any sort of itching, redness, or any gritty feeling by wearing the lenses, this is because of the best texture of contact lenses.
  • These lenses are used to enhance your beauty, by providing a perfectly handsome look to your eyes.
  • These lenses are perfectly comfortable to use, as you just have to put the lens on your fingertip and place it gently in your eye, it will not bother you after that. It will just move along with your eye gestures and provide you a perfect vision.
  • These lenses do not get any effect of weather, as they are resistant to steam, splashes, or fog, so you can easily wear them despite the weather changes.
  • You can easily carry these lenses in parties, or any of the lighted events, as the shade of the lens don't interfere with light effects and don't change color effects.
  • These lenses make your eyes look brighter and bigger, hence provide you a more handsome look.
  • These lenses, made of the best quality material, with the latest technology, are available according to the person’s budget.
  • These lenses don’t compromise with the patient’s safety and health and are designed in perfectly hygienic conditions.
  • Amara’s huge collection of contact lenses with unique shades and stunning features are made for the usage of a different period. You can have lenses replaceable on daily basis, or you can have lenses replaceable on monthly basis.
  • The lenses are made of light highly breathable material that may allow a good exchange of oxygen for your eyes. 


Directions for use:

  • If you have any eyesight error, you must have to consult your doctor before using the lenses.

  • If you find any sort of allergy with lenses, like redness, itching or you feel uncomfortable eyesight with the lenses, be cautious, and consult your doctor.

  • Properly place the lenses after use and take special care of the hygiene.

  • Wear the lenses carefully, as, imperfect wearing may cause eyesight errors.

  • Don't wear lenses while sleeping, swimming, or while taking shower, as these are not suitable for your eyes during this time.

Why purchase from us?

  • Everyone finds a best seller to meet his needs according to his budget and by providing him the best services. So we are here to provide you with easily available, and pocket-friendly services. We will make sure the best response as a customer requires.
  • We will make sure that if you don't like the lenses you can return that back to us, and we'll never mind. We make sure for fair services, that anyone demands. We will make sure to provide you the best of the products and will never disappoint you.
  • Our services are easily available in Qatar. You can easily buy the lenses of your choice, according to the features and shades you need at a reasonable price. 



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