My experience with colored lenses at Eyenk as someone who doesn't have a prescription!

My experience with colored lenses at Eyenk as someone who doesn't have a prescription!

Being a stylist by profession isn’t easy. Everyone expects all aspects of you to be in trend. Although I love it dearly, it isn’t easy to maintain this profession and lifestyle with brands that do a lot but do it imperfectly. There have been times that I have had to choose one amongst style, quality, and accessibility. Mind you, despite this trade-off, these services don’t come for cheap!

With less than a week to one of the biggest social events I was supposed to attend, I chose to change my outfit, along with all its other elements. I had almost zero time to pick the perfect bag, the perfect makeup, and the perfect shoes. Running from store to store, spending hours browsing online, checking customer reviews, and exhausting my bank balance with low-quality products left me irritated. The last piece of my puzzle was to glam up my look with colored contact lenses. My half-hearted attempt to find that very specific color of contact lenses began right there and then!

After a social media post I put up asking for help regarding the same, a follower in the comments section asked me to look up Eyenk. Now that I think about it, there was no other suggestion except that. With a quick google search, I came across Eyenk’s website, which claimed to be the largest online local lenses supplier in Qatar. I didn’t have to cross-check that fact. The lack of other suggestions, poor reviews of the very few alternatives that did exist, and my exhaustive search were enough evidence for me. 

What interested me the most about Eyenk was their 48-hour delivery service, and range of brands like Bella, Amara, Air Optix Colours, FreshLook, all of which are some of the most well-known brands for colored contact lenses. This really felt like a dream come true. The minute I started browsing through these brands and landed at Bella, I knew I won't be able to stop myself from placing an order. Within less than a minute, I found the color I was looking for! 

I had placed my order for Bella Contour Blue with no power and as mentioned on the website, I expected the delivery within 48 hours. I had tried contact lenses before, so given my knack, I wasn’t nervous about the quality. All I was expecting was timely delivery and great service. 

Eyenk managed to throw all my qualms out the window. They never meant to fulfill a task, they meant to fulfill expectations. I received my order within 24 hours! The product was exactly what I saw on their website. I had no complaints. Eyenk did the perfect job. Coming to the product quality, I absolutely loved the moisture content. My eyes felt fresh and hydrated. Bella exceeded my expectations too.

Eyenk has products to suit all kinds of eye care necessities. They have powered or prescription lenses for those with Astigmatism or Presbyopia. They provide multifocal lenses to cater to other eyecare corrective needs. Their 24 to the 48-hour delivery provision is simply a blessing in disguise. The trusted, reliable, and quality products by Eyenk provide a blissful experience to consumers. You can avail of their consumer-friendly service and return or exchange policy too.

I strongly recommend Eyenk for your eye care needs!

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