Why choose Eyenk!

Why choose Eyenk!

I derive a feeling of joy when I look good. Is it hard to find quality products that also make you look good but don’t drill a hole in your pocket? Sure. But I can’t say that brands or companies aren’t working actively to achieve these goals. 

I genuinely don’t believe in an idea of a consumer having to compromise on certain qualities of service to receive some others in exchange. I think brands can provide solutions without consumer feedback being, “Yea, but you have to compromise on that.” 

I have spent my entire life wearing prescription glasses as someone who suffers from near-sightedness. My experience with prescription glasses can be described as frustrating, for all the right reasons. I am quite an active person. For me, a typical day looks like cooking elaborate meals for myself as self-care, working from home, focussing on body care, taking care of my dogs, and exercising…a lot. Doing all of this with glasses for me was the constant blurry vision, scouring with different types of cloth that would still lead to unclear vision, breaking my glasses quite often, and being unable to find a replacement for at least a week. Quite frankly, these problems are just off the top of my head. I wanted to make a switch to other corrective solutions ASAP!! It was just too hard to find glasses with the right style, and the maintenance was just not worth my money and effort anymore.

I thoroughly browsed to look for other types of solutions and the most obvious ones came up. Different designs and models of spectacles with fancy glasses, contact lenses, and corrective surgery. I was already apprehensive about trying surgery, and the need to switch from glasses to another corrective solution was urgent, so I started looking for contact lenses. 

As I already mentioned before, I work from home. Working from home has increased the number of hours I would usually work, leaving me less time for other activities. The hassle to go to a store for contact lenses and leaving with nothing didn’t sound very lucrative to me. As I was about to give up, I came across Eyenk with my distorted glasses. They described themselves as a local online store, which was also situated in Tawar Mall. All that my non-blurry vision could read was “online, home delivery, 48 hours” and I was sold. It didn’t take me more than a nanosecond to click, and I was introduced to a world of all-inclusive solutions, brands, and types of contact lenses. Within minutes, I decided to take a shot and place my order for “1 Day Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism”. 

I honestly didn’t think it would be possible, but I actually received my order within 48 hours. I had spent that time surfing through multiple Youtube videos to know all about contact lenses and even had a chat with my optometrist. I was ready. 

For me, the product description was honest and definitely matched completely with the quality of the product. The contact lenses were super hydrating, with an accurate amount of moisture, comfortable, and light, and I felt like my eyes could breathe. There’s no better way to describe this, really. My eyes are never dry, I have clear vision 24/7, and I don’t have to worry about cleaning. This product has put me into a habit that I definitely can’t get rid of, not that I even want to. 

If you’re someone who has some experience with contact lenses, I recommend you definitely go for monthly lenses. This will not only help you save up but help you experience the wonderful products that Eyenk sells and you can take advantage of their wonderful customer service. You get your order quickly, you can interact with their support service or specialist who will guide you through the process, and you can choose their great return and exchange policy, although you won’t feel the need to. 

You will find brands like Bella, Amara, Diva, Air Optix, and other well-known and reliable eye care solution products that are famous in the market. I must say, I was impressed with the range of medical contact lenses that focussed not just on Astigmatism, but also on Presbyopia, and offered multiple types of corrective lenses like multifocal as solutions.

Eyenk really helped me change the way I see!

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