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Air Optix COLORS - Turquoise - 2 lenses

Air Optix COLORS - Turquoise - 2 lenses

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Benefits of Air Optix Colors contact lenses

  • Choose from 9 different shades
  • Enhances your natural eye colour subtly
  • Available with corrective powers and without
  • Monthly lenses: can be worn for up to 30 consecutive days
  • A breathable lens that locks in moisture and resists deposit build ups for total comfort

More information about Air Optix Colors

Air Optix Colors, from Alcon, combine both beauty and comfort for a monthly coloured contact lens that not only enhances eye colour but also provides perfectly clear vision for up to 30 consecutive days. Choose from nine different shades to subtly change your natural eye colour, including: Brilliant Blue, Gemstone Green, Honey and Pure Hazel amongst others.

Each colour lens is made with Alcon’s 3-in-1 colour technology, which mixes 3 individual rings of colour, increasing in depth and intensity, for a vibrant yet natural look. Air Optix Colors are available for both optical and fashion purposes too so you don’t need to require any vision correction to use these comfortable and eye-catching lenses, just order them with a 0.00 power in both eyes.

As part of the Air Optix family, these lenses provide exceptional breathability, as the silicone hydrogel material allows up to six times more oxygen to reach the eye than a hydrogel lens. A smooth lens surface and high water content also make sure that Air Optix Colors are one of the most comfortable coloured contact lenses around.

Air Optix Colors contact lens technical specifications

Manufacturer: Alcon
Brand: Air Optix
Type of Lens: Coloured contact lenses
Material: 33% Water + 67% Lotrafilcon B
Water content: 67%
Oxygen permeability: 110 Dk/t
Lens diameter: 14.2 mm
Base curves: 8.6 mm
Available powers: -8.00D to +6.00D
Handling tint: Yes
UVA/UVB protection: No
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