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Bausch & Lomb

Boston Advance Cleaner

Boston Advance Cleaner

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Benefits of Boston Advance Cleaner

  • Keep gas permeable lenses clean
  • Visibility tint for easy handling
  • Prolongs comfort during wear

More information about Boston Advance Cleaner

Boston Advance Cleaner from Bausch and Lomb makes it easier than ever to keep gas permeable lenses clean and clear throughout the day. Not only are clean lenses healthier for your eyes, but they provide an extra level of comfort as long as you are wearing your lenses.

The Boston Advance Cleaner has been designed to be part one of a two-step cleaning process. Part two uses the Conditioning Solution, but the Advance Cleaner can be used as a standalone product.

The clever tint in the cleaning solution makes it even easier to see and to use. You can easily make sure that every single millimetre of the lens has been covered with solution, and properly cleaned.

Cleanliness is vital in keeping contact lenses bright and pure. Every day, proteins, fats and other particles of dirt collect on the lens, causing vision to deteriorate and risking infection. This handy cleaner will keep lenses safe to wear for longer.

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